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How do excessive freelancers price $100/hr, $250/hr, and rather more?

Let me current you.

What you’ll uncover inside

Elevate Your Worth Masterclass

The correct method to double, triple, and even 10x your worth

(with out fear of rejection)


  • Why it is important to miss all of the items about “getting a enhance” to succeed at freelancing (or learn to stay away from the “Firm Pricing Lure” many freelancers inadvertently fall prey to)
  • The psychological, strategic, and tactical variations between asking for a enhance at a “day job” vs commanding more money in your freelancing enterprise (it is important to know this even whenever you’re mannequin new to freelancing)
  • My simple pricing methodology for skyrocketing your worth quickly, nearly effortlessly, and most importantly with zero risk (I personally used this methodology to boost my worth over 900% inside my first 12 months of freelancing alone)“
  • Why you need to (counterintuitively) stay away from going for small raises out of your buyers, and learn to get BIG ones as a substitute
  • Why you shouldn’t wait to command the sort of money that EXCITES you to work in your freelancing enterprise each week
  • The correct method to have an effect on the precise “gatekeeper” who decides how rather a lot you price (hint: it’s not the consumers)
  • The biggest pitfall most freelancers fall into when going for a enhance, and learn to stay away from it
  • The stunning method freelancers get caught at a positive worth and end up “plateauing” there (even once they seem “worthwhile” on the ground)
  • Why repeat prospects — good as they’re — usually don’t end in a extreme freelancing earnings (and the important thing ingredient it is important so as to add to the mix with the intention to GROW your worth exponentially)
  • The refined place value “anchoring” performs in how rather a lot you price — and learn to use it to your profit
  • My reply to, “What do I do if/when buyers see I used to price rather a lot decrease than this??”
  • The stunning place your value performs in shopper satisfaction (hint: the consumers who pay the least are usually primarily essentially the most unhappy — and the hardest to work with)
  • An actual-life occasion of how I effectively used my Rock Climbing Method to increase my worth by 33% from a single shopper (I was ready to earn $2,000 for about three days of labor)
  • My benchmark for determining whenever you’re charging ample each month and 12 months
  • And further…


How excessive negotiators get further — persistently and predictably


  • Why negotiation isn’t as scary as a result of it seems
  • How one can grasp negotiation quickly and easily with out being “slick” or aggressive (and, the reality is, avoiding all of the detrimental stereotypes…and having satisfying with it)
  • My secrets and techniques and strategies for closing further provides, faster than my rivals (they usually don’t know what hit them — one minute the consumer is talking to them, the next minute they’re hiring me!)
  • How I negotiate with buyers for further than merely money (as an illustration, I routinely ask for further relaxed deadlines, up entrance funds, and way more)
  • The correct manner to make use of negotiation as a tool to earn more money, get further respect, and even stand out out of your rivals
  • Understanding when to save lots of a number of time and stroll away (most people get this utterly backwards and it almost definitely costs them tons of of lots of of or further over the span of a variety of years)
  • How an outstanding negotiation approach makes you further engaging to buyers, together with incomes you more money per shopper
  • Getting earlier the “Hollywood” myths of negotiation — and realizing what to truly anticipate as a worthwhile negotiator
  • The correct method to spot good negotiation alternate options (which your rivals will likely miss)
  • Why the advice of “developing value in your suppliers” or “selling some great benefits of working with you” is a misguided strategy to methodology negotiation with buyers — and what you need to do as a substitute
  • The stunning actuality about what a healthful, worthwhile negotiation appears to be like (hint: it’s not “you vs them”)
  • Why a single worthwhile negotiation can merely make up for a variety of duds, after which some
  • The requirements for a worthwhile negotiation, and learn to set your self as a lot as acquire them
  • My one, counterintuitive “demand” for every negotiation I enter into
  • Why discounting and negotiation aren’t the similar issue and can certainly not be confused with one another
  • The correct method to win at negotiating with out having to resort to decreasing your prices
  • The sad actuality about freelancers who present reductions, and learn to use it to YOUR ADVANTAGE
  • And further…


What to do when buyers say “Too pricey”


  • Completely the very very first thing I do every time a client tells me I’m “too pricey” for them
  • Why buyers are generally BS-ing as soon as they are saying they want to pay a lot much less — and what to do about it
  • An actual-life case analysis of how I overcame a client’s value objection in 5 seconds, though he initially knowledgeable me he didn’t want to pay my full worth (I even included screenshots of our exact dialog so that you presumably can see exactly what occurred, phrase for phrase)
  • Why all value objections aren’t created equal, and learn to assess and address each one (that could be very easy as quickly as what to seek for)
  • Precise examples of various objections you might encounter, and what to answer
  • The correct method to know with digital certainty whenever you presumably can confidently say “NO” to a request for a discount and nonetheless get every penny with out an oz. of extra resistance
  • The right way to decide when buyers are bluffing about their value
  • Why and the way in which I ALWAYS get buyers to current me one factor (and even a variety of points) in return any time I make even a small value concession
  • The simple step most freelancers by probability skip when negotiating with buyers (it’s a very expensive mistake, however easy to stay away from)
  • Essential contemplate any freelancer/shopper negotiation, and learn to harness it and use it to your profit
  • The correct method to know when a discount may very well be your most suitable option (I nearly certainly not present reductions, and that’s the one time I would ever give it some thought)
  • The one state of affairs the place you need to NEVER communicate a client into the following value, and why
  • The correct method to maintain buyers’ expectations from going too extreme (so that you presumably can actually really feel assured they’ll be utterly completely happy collectively along with your work with out ever feeling pressured to ship “the moon” to them)
  • Explicit phrases and phrases you need to look out for when negotiating with buyers — what they really indicate, and the way in which to answer to them
  • My 2 ironclad pointers for discounting (whenever you ever lower your value by even a buck, and don’t observe these pointers, you’re setting your self up for failure)
  • Simple suggestions for taking all of the guessing out of negotiating with buyers
  • The correct method to get the upper hand in practically any negotiation state of affairs
  • Why buyers don’t want it when you’re a pushover, and what to do as a substitute
  • The one issue I ALWAYS ask buyers sooner than I even THINK about discounting my suppliers (even when it’s only a few !)
  • The simple trick that allows me to just about on a regular basis refuse to lower my value, even by a buck (however nonetheless land the contract with 99.9% certainty)
  • Why I don’t impulsively soar to decreasing my value for a client immediately, even in circumstances the place I’m considering it
  • The correct method to stay away from the entice of “negotiating in the direction of your self”
  • And further…


Participating in offense: The correct method to bump buyers to the following value (with zero risk)


  • Why negotiation shouldn’t be used solely as a safety, nevertheless as an “offense” approach the place you actively look to get further (this flies throughout the face of the on a regular basis freelancer “scavenger” mentality of “taking irrespective of you could get”)
  • The right way to decide when buyers are eager to pay higher than they initially knowledgeable you
  • The correct method to bump buyers to the following value with out risking them strolling away
  • The exact phrases I reap the benefits of to get buyers to luckily pay higher than they meant (along with screenshots of precise messages we’ve exchanged that led to more money for me)
  • three pointers for getting buyers to not solely pay further, nevertheless be utterly completely happy doing it!
  • How (and why) I normally haggle for more money even in circumstances the place I’m prepared to easily settle for the consumer’s preliminary present
  • The “expert poker” trick that ends in further freelancing earnings with a lot much less risk
  • My fail-safe methodology for what to do if a client politely refuses to pay further
  • An actual-life case analysis of how I acquired a client to luckily pay 10-20x what my rivals price
  • The correct method to flip even generous supplies from buyers into MORE generous ones (you presumably can improve your earnings by lots of yearly this fashion)
  • Why your value requires don’t come all through one of the simplest ways you assume they do — and learn to restore that quickly and easily
  • The counterintuitive negotiation style I prefer to suggest (hint: it flies throughout the face of typical “Hollywood” negotiation portrayals, and might go away you and the consumer feeling good and energized)
  • Why I just about certainly not make “requires” when negotiating with buyers, however nonetheless make sure that I get exactly what I want
  • And further…


The correct method to discourage haggling with my “Breadmaker Technique”


  • The simple misunderstanding that leads most freelancers to suck at negotiating
  • The stunning actuality about why haggle over value (hint: it usually has nothing to do with how rather a lot you price)
  • The correct method to give buyers a value quote in a fashion that avoids them asking for a decrease price throughout the first place
  • My simple methodology for avoiding haggling in all nevertheless primarily essentially the most extreme circumstances (and setting you as a lot as win even on the unusual occasions haggling does happen)
  • Why getting this unsuitable can merely make buyers overlook about you (whenever you’ve ever had a dialog go lifeless after a proposal, that’s almost definitely the reason why)
  • How “in every single place” pricing out of your rivals impacts one of the simplest ways buyers take into accounts your value — and what to do about it
  • The weird trick that turns your value from “too pricey” to totally inexpensive (this takes practically zero further effort but it surely makes the consumer perceive your value in a far more favorable method)
  • The biggest fear buyers have about your value — and learn to calm them down (even when your value is 5x, 10x, or 100x what one different freelancer is offering them)
  • The correct method to stay away from taking place the “defensive” when a client brings up your value
  • The #1 mistake freelancers make when giving buyers value quotes (and what you need to do as a substitute)
  • Precise examples of how I give value quotes designed to get a “YES” from buyers
  • How I reap the benefits of a well known psychological principle that is confirmed to get buyers to pay further (though nearly none of my rivals discover out about it, to not point out use it)
  • A deadly mistake which will make all of the above backfire — and learn to stay away from it!
  • And further…


The correct method to ship value quotes that get an instantaneous YES


  • The scientifically backed methodology I reap the benefits of to get buyers to pay further, persistently and predictably (this actually takes a lot much less work than one of the simplest ways most freelancers do it, and it’s way more environment friendly — an unlimited win-win state of affairs for you)
  • How fear of dedication prevents buyers from saying positive, and learn to overcome it quickly and easily
  • The one question you need to on a regular basis stay away from, though practically every freelancer asks it in a single form or one different (your rivals will proceed to make this error, even prolonged after you will have corrected it)
  • The correct method to make even seemingly large prices easy for buyers to evolve to (as a substitute of listening to the dreaded “let me give it some thought” after which certainly not listening to once more from them as soon as extra, ever)
  • Precise examples of effectively “framed” value quotes I’ve personally delivered to buyers (and gotten an emphatic “YES” to)
  • The correct method to quote prices to buyers in abroad nations that use utterly completely different currencies (this makes an unlimited distinction, however just about all of your rivals will not ever even give it some thought)
  • The correct method to warmth buyers up in order that they’re further in a position to say “Certain” when you quote them a value
  • My simple trick to indicate the ability steadiness to your favor, so that you simply’re on a regular basis negotiating from a spot of power, and certainly not thought-about one in all weak spot
  • The exact phrases I reap the benefits of to get buyers to evolve to elevated than widespread and even premium prices (it is best to use them, too, phrase for phrase should you want to)
  • And further…


Phrase-for-word script for getting a enhance from an current shopper


That may be a exact script I’ve personally examined with my school college students for getting current buyers to pay you further. You’ll even copy and paste it phrase for phrase should you want to. Elevating your worth doesn’t should be exhausting — let’s maintain this as simple as attainable.

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